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CONNX provides real-time data access via OLEDB, JDBC, and ODBC to corporate enterprise data.  CONNX is optimized for use with Microsoft.NET technologies. CONNX is a scalable solution designed for business-critical production environments, and performs a number of performance enhancing tasks, including SQL optimization on single and multi-keyed indexes and multi-table joins. By off-loading much of the processing required for data extraction to the PC, CONNX minimizes the impact of data extraction on the transactional system.

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All members of the CONNX family have the following features:
Metadata information Compatible with ANY ODBC or JDBC compliant Applications
Heterogeneous Joins Wizard Assistance & CONNX InfoNaut Query Tool
Intensive Security Extensive Data Type Conversions
Views Mass Record Definition Imports
Full SQL Support Multithreaded Asynchronous Execution